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Artifice Security offers professional penetration testing services to demonstrate real-world attacks on your network, devices, web applications, infrastructure, and personnel to expose your hidden security risks and give you the steps on how to strengthen your security posture.

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Our industry renowned cyber security experts have expertise across a range of industries world-wide, including technology, energy, education, financial services, public sector, and government. As a top-rated penetration testing company, our team operates using only senior-level consultants who understand the complexities of your network and applications. Each of our team members have decades of experience in IT and security with hundreds of penetration tests under their belts – all while being trusted leaders in their field.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business, Artifice Security will ensure you are treated with a personalized touch to build custom tailored solutions to meet your needs. We take great pride in our trust, experience, and knowledge in order to best serve your cyber security and penetration testing services needs.

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Our Services

Web Application Penetration Testing

We go beyond OWASP’s Top 10 to assess the security of your application. We use manual penetration testing methods to find uncommon bugs missed by automated vulnerability scanners. Our security consultants leverage proprietary technologies and internal research to pinpoint deep technical vulnerabilities within your web applications and APIs.

Network Penetration Testing External or Internal

Network Penetration Testing (External or Internal)

Our team will simulate real-world attacks using manual penetration testing techniques that go way beyond basic vulnerability scanning to determine the risks in your network. We outline your network security risks and how it affects your organization for your external and internal network.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud Penetration Testing

We use the latest techniques and tools to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructures, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, in addition to providing you with a configuration review.

Social Engineering Assessments

Social Engineering Assessments

Our company tests your organization’s susceptibility against spear-phishing emails, vishing (voice calls), or on-site physical social engineering to give you insight into where your training or technical controls lack. We use a combination of human and electronic attack vectors to simulate malicious actors targeting your organization.
Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Artifice Security offers deep-dive manually-performed penetration testing against your iOS and Android applications to identify weaknesses and ensure your mobile application security is working. We also perform dynamic and static analyses of your applications to certify that your code is secure.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless Penetration Testing

Our expert penetration testers will breach your wireless network while showing you vulnerabilities with your wireless setup. We look for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that can be exploited and give you a data-driven action plan to correct the flaws and remediate risk.
IoT Testing

IoT Testing

IoT testing covers a range of devices found in every industry, including mission-critical Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. We go beyond basic testing to show you vulnerabilities in interfaces and APIs, firmware, hardware, communications channels and protocols, and encryption. Our manual testing process looks for bogth known and undiscovered vulnerabilities.

Red Team Assessment

Red Team Assessment

Artifice Security expert red teamers will simulate real-world attacks from the adversary’s perspective using an approach designed for mature security programs. The assessment includes real-world adversarial behaviors and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) that will test your organization’s detection and response capabilities.

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Security Testing Tailored to Your Needs

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We understand that each organization is unique; no two penetration tests will be the same. Our team will sit with you to hear your security concerns and create a customized plan to meet your needs. We will scope your project accurately with our team, who understands your environment and has vast experience in professional penetration testing services.

We perform our work based on your schedule with your company and clients in mind, and we provide personal attention to ensure you get the specific testing you want.

Exceeding Compliance Requirements


Exceeding Compliance Requirements

When you have excellent security, compliance comes naturally. Our comprehensive and detailed reports will enable you to validate the security of your networks and applications to anyone who views them. Every report has your compliance needs in mind while using the language that auditors understand and require. It’s hard to find an industry with compliance needs we haven’t served. From small and medium businesses to global enterprises and government agencies, our consultants have helped every type of organization improve its security.

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Why Artifice Security?



Artifice Security brings decades of IT and security experience, completing thousands of penetration tests for clients of all industries and sizes. Our consultants come from security backgrounds and, more importantly, IT backgrounds, which means we truly understand the complexities of your environment. We always strive to go above and beyond your expectations to become your trusted security partner.


Our security experts are diverse with experience working as system administrators, web developers, network engineers, and cloud specialists to military veterans and former NSA employees who held Top Secret clearances. Artifice Security consultants have also taught and spoken at cybersecurity conferences and created tools used by many penetration testers today. Each of our consultants is not only highly passionate about security, but they are also highly credentialed.



Each penetration tester spends time conducting research, publishing articles, creating tools, finding 0-days, and contributing to the security community. We strive to stay at the cutting-edge of technology and security by continuously engaging in research to keep top of the current threat landscape.


Every report we deliver gives you a prioritized list of issues based on the exploitability and impact of each finding. We give you a step-by-step storyboard that walks you through sophisticated attack chains, including instructions on replicating the attack yourself. We highlight positive findings that show the effectiveness of your security controls and give remediation steps that are tailored specifically to your environment. As a manually-performed penetration testing services company, we guarantee that no false positives will be in your report.

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