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We Offer Unique Services and Solutions for Each Business Industry.

Artifice Security will demonstrate real-world attacks on your network, devices, web applications, infrastructure, and personnel to expose your hidden security risks and give you the steps to strengthen your security posture.


Financial Sector

Financial services organizations constantly face security threats as most malicious actors are financially motivated. Artifice Security understands the threats that banks, card processors, and credit unions face as we have performed hundreds of penetration tests for the financial industry. Often, Artifice Security achieves customer data exfiltration in addition to transferring funds outside of the financial institution.

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Retail & Card Processing

Artifice Security performs network segmentation testing and manual penetration testing to meet and exceed PCI-DSS requirements. We will work closely with your Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to ensure that the compliance standards are met for your in-scope systems.

Retail Card Processing


Energy & Utilities

Utility and electric power companies continue to be a critical target for attackers around the world. Additionally, other industries such as oil, gas, and solar are under attack due to their critical nature. Artifice Security has experience with assessing embedded systems, SCADA, and Industrial Control Systems (ICS), in addition to performing red team assessments against these facilities. We can ensure you remain compliant with standards such as CIP, NIST, and NERC.

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Often, we hear customers say that their previous penetration test wasn’t adequate as the testers didn’t understand the differences in medical systems. Artifice Security has penetration testers who not only worked in the healthcare industry directly, but knows the complex array of systems that healthcare organizations use. We have direct experience with testing medical facilities, hospitals, organ donor facilities and systems used for health monitoring, patient portals, and prescription management. Our list of satisfied customers spans the entire medical industry to include doctors’ offices, medical facilities, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

When an organization merges or acquires another organization, they don’t always realize the security issues that follow along with it. Artifice Security looks for these potential risk areas that may prove troublesome in the future and gives you a solid understanding of what you need during your negotiations or plans for effort with remediation. Let Artifice Security identify these security risks early on.
Mergers Acquisitions

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