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Manually-Performed Penetration Testing

Artifice Security will perform penetration testing to demonstrate real-world attacks on your network, devices, web applications, infrastructure, and personnel to expose your hidden security risks and give you the steps to strengthen your security posture.

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Our highly-trained cybersecurity team has experience across various industries worldwide

Including technology, energy, education, financial services, the public sector, and government. As a top-rated veteran-owned penetration testing company, our team operates using only senior-level consultants who understand the complexities of your network and applications. Artifice Security consultants have decades of experience in IT and security with hundreds of penetration tests under each of their belts – all while being trusted leaders in their field.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business, Artifice Security will ensure every penetration testing assessment is custom-tailored to meet your needs. Our global customers continuously return to Artifice Security as they seek a cybersecurity company with integrity, experience, and knowledge to protect them.

We go beyond OWASP’s Top 10 to assess the security of your application. We use manual penetration testing methods to find uncommon bugs missed by automated vulnerability scanners. Our security consultants leverage proprietary technologies and internal research to pinpoint deep technical vulnerabilities within your web applications and APIs.

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Our team will simulate real-world attacks using manual penetration testing techniques that go way beyond basic vulnerability scanning to determine the risks in your network. We outline your network security risks and how it affects your organization for your external and internal network.

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We use the latest techniques and tools to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructures, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, in addition to providing you with a configuration review.

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Our company tests your organization’s susceptibility against spear-phishing emails, vishing (voice calls), or on-site physical social engineering to give you insight into where your training or technical controls lack. We use a combination of human and electronic attack vectors to simulate malicious actors targeting your organization.

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Artifice Security offers deep-dive manually-performed penetration testing against your iOS and Android applications to identify weaknesses and ensure your mobile application security is working. We also perform dynamic and static analyses of your applications to certify that your code is secure.

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Our expert penetration testers will breach your wireless network while showing you vulnerabilities with your wireless setup. We look for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that can be exploited and give you a data-driven action plan to correct the flaws and remediate risk.

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IoT testing covers a range of devices found in every industry, including mission-critical Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. We go beyond basic testing to show you vulnerabilities in interfaces and APIs, firmware, hardware, communications channels and protocols, and encryption. Our manual testing process looks for both known and undiscovered vulnerabilities.

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Artifice Security expert red teamers will simulate real-world attacks from the adversary’s perspective using an approach designed for mature security programs. The assessment includes real-world adversarial behaviors and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) that will test your organization’s detection and response capabilities.

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Security Testing Tailored to Your Needs

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We understand that each organization is unique; no two penetration tests will be the same. Our team will sit with you to hear your security concerns and create a customized plan to meet your needs. We will scope your project accurately with our team, who understands your environment and has vast experience in penetration testing.

We perform our work based on your schedule with your company and clients in mind, and we provide personal attention to ensure you get the specific testing you want.

Work with the best

Why Artifice Security?

Security Consultants


It’s hard to find an industry with compliance needs we haven’t served. From small and medium businesses to global enterprises and government agencies, our consultants have helped every type of organization improve its security.

Security system administrators


Our security experts are diverse with experience working as system administrators, web developers, network engineers, and cloud specialists to military veterans and former NSA employees who held Top Secret clearances. Artifice Security consultants have also taught and spoken at cybersecurity conferences and created tools used by many penetration testers today. Each of our consultants is not only highly passionate about security, but they are also highly credentialed.

Penetration tester


Each penetration tester spends time conducting research, publishing articles, creating tools, finding 0-days, and contributing to the security community. We strive to stay at the cutting-edge of technology and security by continuously engaging in research to keep top of the current threat landscape.
Penetration security controls


Every report we deliver gives you a prioritized list of issues based on the exploitability and impact of each finding. We give you a step-by-step storyboard that walks you through sophisticated attack chains, including instructions on replicating the attack yourself. We highlight positive findings that show the effectiveness of your security controls and give remediation steps that are tailored specifically to your environment. As a manually-performed penetration testing company, we guarantee that no false positives will be in your report.


What is penetration testing?

A penetration test, or “pentest,” is an authorized cybersecurity assessment designed to evaluate the security of your infrastructure by safely exploiting vulnerabilities. This test shows you the strengths and weaknesses of your infrastructure and how to remediate vulnerabilities while giving you an idea of your organization’s security risks.

Why would I need a penetration test?

Many organizations will point to their internal security team and say, “I already have a security team.” Unfortunately, it is easy to become biased with your network. A penetration test will show you vulnerabilities you may not know even exist. A penetration test uncovers critical vulnerabilities while allowing you to fix the flaws. The penetration test will also show you how attack vectors impact your organization in real-time.

Additionally, a penetration test will highlight strengths and weaknesses in your network while identifying controls you need to implement.

What should I look for when hiring a penetration testing company?

Experience in IT and Security – When hiring a penetration testing company, it is critical to know who you hire. Each consultant should have a vast array of experience and training for penetration testing and IT in general. Many organizations will employ penetration testers who have little IT experience. Having little experience in IT means the pentester will lack knowledge of how devices, networks, and applications are supposed to operate normally, which means the pentester could overlook misconfigurations that make you vulnerable.

Our team of penetration testers has many years of IT experience before becoming a penetration tester, which is critical to understanding enterprise networks and systems. Our team also has many relevant certifications such as the OSCP, OSCE, OSWE, Cloud certifications, and Microsoft certifications.

Integrity – Ensure the company is honest about its accomplishments, personnel, and certifications. The team members working on your network, systems, and applications should be trusted and prompt when responding to your security concerns. For example, asking for a penetration test example report so you can view if the report is an actual penetration test or a vulnerability scan masked as a penetration test.

Safety – Make sure the company has checks in place to verify the trustworthiness of its employees and confirm they run background checks against their employees.

Open About Their Work – When hiring a penetration testing services provider, companies must ensure that the vendor uses an industry-accepted approach. The team must give a clear statement of work that includes testing parameters, engagement time, tools and methodologies used, privacy considerations, data access processes, and reporting expectations and criteria.

Data Security – Regardless of the guarantees gained during the contract negotiation process, it is critical to inquire about data handling. For example, how is data transported? How long does customer data stay on file? Does the company use an NDA to protect your information?

Liability Insurance – Companies must have liability insurance and compensate for any losses caused by their testing and infiltration attempts if problems arise. Make sure that the pentesting company has adequate insurance to cover any potential losses that may occur if any data is released or compromised in any manner.

How Much Does a Penetration Test Cost?

The length and expense of penetration testing vary greatly based on many factors. These factors include the number of IP addresses, the number of employees for social engineering, and the complexity and number of applications. Our team ensures the project’s scope fits your organization’s needs when taking these factors into account.

At Artifice Security, we have all highly-experienced and skilled senior-level penetration testers performing assessments.

With that stated, there are common project patterns and ranges we see. Penetration testing typically starts at $5,000 but can cost in the six-figure range for very large, more extensive projects.


Ryan Almaria
Ryan Almaria
First year working with Artifice Security. We are very satisfied with the services provided and Jason is so easy to deal with. His technical and people skills are impressive.
Abdul Ayash
Abdul Ayash
One of the best pentesting companies i ever works with. If any organization is looking for a real pentesting i would highly recommend artifice security and Jason's team!
Daniel Ramsey
Daniel Ramsey
WebBank highly recommends Artifice Security's exceptional penetration testing services. Artifice's experienced professionals provided us with responsive, thorough, and collaborative testing services at a reasonable price point, making them a trusted partner for our organization. In the words of our IT department, "they know their stuff!" We are satisfied with the level of expertise and attention to detail that Artifice provided us. We recommend their services to any organization seeking reliable and effective penetration testing solutions. Their advanced penetration methods, including custom exploitable developments, allowed WebBank to identify vulnerabilities that it had previously overlooked. Artifice's team conducted tests using advanced methodologies, and their impressive certifications, such as CREST, assured us that their services were of the highest quality. Partnering with Artifice Security has been an excellent decision for WebBank, providing a strengthened cybersecurity program, enhanced protection against cyber threats, and greater peace of mind. We highly recommend Artifice Security to organizations seeking reliable and effective penetration testing. Don't let the hackers win; choose Artifice Security!
Terrie Mathison
Terrie Mathison
We have been very pleased with the knowledge, detailed work product, and excellent reporting by Artifice Security. It always amazes me what Jason can find in the systems. When you think your secure, he finds the holes. We would 100% hire him again.
Nnamdi Aduba
Nnamdi Aduba
I recently engaged with Artifice Security to conduct the annual security assessment at my organization and it was actually the second time we were fortunate enough to work with Jason. His skillset is very broad and he is extremely thorough in his work. He is seemingly always accessible and ready to jump on a call at a moments notice to discuss findings, remediation efforts, or quite frankly anything cybersecurity related to sure up my organization's defenses. Artifice is absolutely a one stop shop when it comes to security that offers truly white glove service. Highly recommend this outfit.
Nicolas Zalles
Nicolas Zalles
Artifice Security was always professional and quick to answer any correspondence. Happy to work with them!
Michael Geisler
Michael Geisler
Great security testing team. Communication is consistent throughout engagement. There is no point before or during the testing that I was unaware of what was being done. Will continue using for future engagements for ourselves and clients who require their services.
Spun Wheel
Spun Wheel
Artifice Security did an amazing job working on our applications. Thank for your all your help.
Dan K
Dan K
We’ve been using Artifice Security for years now and they consistently do amazing work. Always on top of the latest trends and they are easy to get ahold of anytime of the day (or night). After trying other pentesting companies in the past, they are by far the best.
Matt Silvio
Matt Silvio
I've had many penetration tests done before but none with this level of professionalism and attention to detail. Their report was clear and easy to understand for both technical and non-technical people. The best thing I saw that sets them apart is their report. It was not some generic template that others used but was very specific for our environment. Every issue they found had steps that allowed our team to repeat it. Definitely 5 stars!

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